Inkworld vs. Inkdeath

This has been on ongoing controversy in the world of the fandom.  Which title would it be?  Inkworld or Inkdeath?  I found out today that finally it has been freaking resolved.  ABOUT FREAKING TIME.  It’s Inkdeath.  AND there’s a cover for it.  AND it’s going to be released this October.  Good stuff, eh?

Obviously I have not updated my Book & Movie Releases page since April.  So, I fixed that up.  I AM SO BEHIND ON EVERYTHING.  There’s a giant list of books that came out months ago that I’ve yet to read.  I need to catch up.  And soon.

Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox has snuck up on me.  It’s coming out in 11 days.  Holy crap.  Is that enough time for me to reread the previous 5?  I hope so.

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