You Get a History Lesson Today

Why do you get a history lesson today? Because I said so, and because I feel it’s important.  This is one of those awesome, interesting things of history that seems to be not taught in schools. Which is complete bull shit.

The Battle of Cable Street (or the Cable Street Riot)

London, 1936. October 4th, a Sunday. The British Union of Fascists are having a march through the East End of London, a heavily Jewish community. Lead by Oswald Mosley, the fascists march, wearing uniforms based on the Blackshirts. The anti-fascists (mostly Jewish, socialist, Irish and communist groups) form barricades and road blocks on Cable St. The police accompany the march, knowing there will be violence. The anti-fascists (over 300,000 civilians), throw stones and broken glass, fight with their own fists, repeating the mantra “They Shall Not Pass.” The police attempt to fight back using their batons. Their brutality only makes the anti-fascists fight back harder. By late afternoon, the fascists are escorted away from East End by the police. The civilians have won Cable Street.

It was symbolic. It wasn’t just the stopping of a march. It was a strike against fascism. A strike by the common people. An eyewitness of the battle said, “I shall never forget that as long as I live, how working-class people could get together to oppose the evil of racism.”

This is something that could be done now. No more useless online petitions, no more sitting back and watching as everything happens. So many people are discontent with how things are run here, particularly in America. So why don’t they do something about it instead of sitting on their asses and bitching? I don’t know. We need a revolution, a rebellion. It won’t be long.

My theory? America is the new Roman Empire. There will be a societal collapse in our future, likely soon. The glue is weakened and the stones are coming up from the streets. The French Revolution all over again. Who throws the first stone though?

OK, history rant over. I’m linking to the song that inspired this. Great song, great moment in history.


Welcome In + Let’s Get Started.

This is my second blog; is my first.  That one’s for news and information about literature.  This one here is more for my random thoughts about how completely insane the world is.  Ranting and raving is what I’m good at.

So, here’s my thoughts for today:

1. Why do politicians all resort to slander of their opponents?  Ad hominem attacks don’t make them look any better, and frankly, it’s a sign that they’re desperate.   Personally, I’d rather support a politician who relies on his own policies and strategies rather than poking fun at other candidates.  It’s a weak and cowardly way to gain support.

2.  I’m in high school.  I’ve always been one of the “good kids” in school.  Always did my work, never got in trouble, you know the sort.  So, why is it that when the good kids slip up, it’s always much worse than when the “bad kids” do something wrong?  Teachers tend to make a bigger deal out of smaller things when you’re a good kid.  Maybe they’re just used to the bad kids?  I’ve wondered about this since elementary school.  Even the good kids aren’t perfect.  We need to make mistakes, too.