Finally some travel

I went on a mini-roadtrip with my mom today to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  I got to meet some of the people my mom works with.  There were some…interesting characters.  Let’s just say they wouldn’t have been out of place at my lunch table in school.

It was just a minor day trip, but it got me out of the house for a while, which is nice.  Now, I think I’ll keep this entry short.  I have sleep madness, and I should stop writing before I start rambling about wombats like I was earlier.


Seeing the World + Bad News

That’s what I want to do. My little corner of the world is…cultureless, if that’s at all possible. I want to travel, to meet people, to really experience different lifestyles, rather than just being a tourist. I’m studying French and Spanish right now, and I’m taking up German and Latin next year. I travel with my parents a lot. We’ve been to St. Maarten/St. Martin (depends on which side of the island), St. Thomas, the Bahamas, and that’s basically it. I live close to the Canadian border, so I’ve been there a lot, too. But we’ve always gone as tourists, never as travelers. Some of my friends who are taking German right now have the opportunity to go to Germany for a few weeks this summer, and I’m so jealous. My brother could study abroad in England, New Zealand, Australia, and tons of other places. But he won’t, when I would kill for that kind of opportunity. He’s comfortable here. I’m not. I’m going stir-crazy here in this average suburb. “The suburbs have no charms to soothe the restless dreams of youth,” as Rush said in Subdivisions. Truer words have never been spoken. I need to get out, but I can’t. Not for another 3 years, at least. But when I leave, I’m going to New York City. I know what you’re thinking. “High taxes, high housing rates, crime everywhere, 4th most miserable city in the U.S.” I know all of that. But NYC is a city where everything happens. There’s never boredom, never quiet, never dullness. Not to mention, it’s one of the biggest cultural mixing pots (not to mention artistic centers) in the country. I need that life, that energy. And I’ll travel. Anywhere and everywhere.

Terry Pratchett, one of my favorite authors, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  It was back in December, and I just heard about it today.  It sucks.  He’s one of the greatest minds of this era, and his mind is being eaten by disease.  If anyone can find a way to contact him, tell me.  Send him your love and support, and then go out and read his books.  You won’t regret it.