Things To Do Before I Die

Stay out all night in summer watching the stars

Get published

Start a bonfire & burn school binders

Sing show tunes in public with my friends

See the world

Live in New York City

Take a cross country road trip with my friends

Learn to play guitar/drums/keyboard

Become fluent in 3 or more languages other than English

Take a long bubble bath in a room full of candles

Pull an all-nighter to write for 24 hours

Go to school/work in pajama pants

Film a parody-montage-experimental film

Throw a huge house party

Get my nose pierced

Meet my favorite authors

Get a tattoo

Learn to do henna

Grow a bamboo garden

Read at a poetry slam

Sing on a table in a bar

Have as many pets as possible

Walk around barefoot for a whole day

Stay up all night on the phone

Play in a public fountain

Donate hair to Locks of Love

Fill an entire notebook with nothing but doodles

Pants someone I hate in public

Have an “airplane rave”

Paint an entire room black and splatter-paint it with neon colors

Build an elaborate blanket-pillow-chair fort & leave it up for a long time

Ride mattress down flight of stairs

Stage a sword fight in public

Make my own iPod silhouette commercial with friends & favorite songs

Combine every board game I know into a mega game

Have a Japanese tea ceremony

Grow bonsai trees

Climb to the roof of a building & people watch

Build entire civilizations out of Legos & play Brikwars for as long as possible

Learn calligraphy

Sell work in as many art shows as possible

Wave a lighter at a concert & be in a moshpit

Learn to salsa/ballroom dance

Start my own business


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